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Q: If I am interested in having some landscape work performed at my home or business, what should I do?

A: We will be happy to help you, just give us a call or e-mail us. When you call, we will make an appointment to meet with you at your home or business and review the scope of the work you wish to have performed.

We will listen and share ideas with you regarding your landscape then after our meeting, Viktory Landscaping will develop a proposal and possibly a landscape drawing for the work that was discussed.

Once we have all of your information, we will then schedule an appointment to meet with you at your home or business and review our recommendations. Then once we have agreed on the work to be performed and have finalized the details of the project, the work is scheduled.

At this point we will send a crew to your home to start the work of installing your landscape project. Please keep in mind that no job is considered to small or to large.

Q: Do you charge for your estimates?

A: No, we do not charge for our estimates. Some jobs do not require designs to provide an estimate, some however do. For those instances we do charge for our landscape design consultation.

Please remember that we are professional landscapers and that a landscape design is a professional service much like hiring an architect to design an addition for your home.

Q: Is there anyway we can have the project done in phases? We like what you've proposed, but our budget won't permit us to do everything at once.

A: Absolutely! We do encourage our customers to try and stay within their budget but we also understand that costs can escalate. Especially on a very extensive project and depending on what work you want performed or any changes that you may want to make to your project. We can also suggest and help you decide what portions of the work should be done initially, and what should be left to later phases, if you would like us to.

Q: Can you provide me with some references?

A: We would be more than happy to, and references will be provided to you upon request. Our homeowners and businesses are proud to show off the work that we have done for them, if you'd like to drive by some of the properties we've worked on, just let us know.

Q: Are paving stones suitable for any 'paving' type job?

A: Absolutely! Properly installed paving stones can be used in any application that you see other products (such as concrete, asphalt, and gravel) being used for. In fact, paving stones have several benefits over these other surfacing products: -they are very durable, and can be 'lifted' and replaced, should the need arise (tree roots, subgrade settles). With other products, you have to remove and start again, a signifant cost! -they come in a variety of colours, making it easier to match existing colour around the house and yard easier than ever before. -they are cost-effective in the long-term, and cost-competitive on small to medium size jobs (300-1000 square feet).

Q: Are paving stones slippery when wet?

A: No more so than most other walkable surfaces. And we also recommend NOT sealing paving stones with anything, as this will only increase the slipperiness of them. Paving stones, as they are made, are very nice to look at, durable, and easy to walk on. ">

Q: Will I get weeds or moss on my paving stone patio?

A: Actually, that depends more upon the conditions inherent in the landscape, than in the type of surface you have or want. Weeds will grow where they have opportunity. With properly installed paving stones ( We excavate 8"-10", add 2-4" A-Gravel, 1"-2" Dust n Chips, all compacted), this is no more of a problem that with other surfaces which crack and allow weeds a place to take root. In general, the sand is too sterile, the subsurface too compact and the joints too small for weeds to grow. If they do, they can be easily pulled at this point.

Regarding moss, any location which is conducive to the growth of moss cannot be prevented through selection of paving material. In other words, if moss is going to grow, it will grow. If you have moss problems, the simplest solution is to power wash it off as often as it becomes a problem, as it certainly can be a 'slip' hazard.

Q: What makes us better than other landscape companies?

A: In the landscaping industry, we distinguish ourselves from other companies by our staff. We hire professionals with horticultural education and experience. Then we develop, train, and invest in them so that they will be effective at meeting clients' needs. In a business dependent on service our people truly make the difference.

Q: Which services are you able to provide?

A: When it comes to landscape, we do it all. We care for landscapes inside and out, trees, and irrigation. Our company provides design, construction, and maintenance services along with our nursery and tree services. With our resources and experience, we have unmatched depth and capability.

Q: What can you do for me that my present landscape contractor cannot?

A: Clients tell us that the reason they selected us over their previous contractor is that we provide a better quality of products, services, and competence. They selected our company because of the superior reputation we have in the industry.

Q: Why should I consider changing landscape companies?

A: If your current landscape company is meeting your every need and you are thoroughly satisfied, then perhaps you shouldn't change. If, however, you are interested in talking with us about how we can add value to your property and improve it over time, give us a call.

Q: How do I get a hold of you for more information?

A: Call, or email any requests or information needed, and we will be more than happy to fulfill any request you may have. Or you can contact us via our contact page.

Q: How do I get a bid from you?

A: Most landscape companies are able to provide you with a bid for services. We take time to understand your needs and requirements and then if we are confident that we are the right company for you, we will provide the most comprehensive estimate for your review.

Q: What will your services cost?

A: It depends on your property and your own unique specifications. We take more time determining a realistic price for service levels which meet your expectations for quality and customer service. We don't want to provide you with services which are not needed, nor do we want to exclude services which are required by your landscape.